Janice Warren Leadership Academy


The Florida Tax Collectors Association has dedicated its leadership programs in honor of Janice Warren!

The Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) was developed in 2009 while Honorable Janice Warren, Citrus County Tax Collector, was serving as the FTC Education Committee Chairperson. She recognized the need for a formalized leadership program for tax collector organizations.  As the Florida Tax Collector, Inc. President, Honorable Warren worked with Dr. Carolyn McMorran with Valencia College to offer the initial ELA at the 2010 Fall Education Forum.

The Executive Leadership Academy curriculum is designed for Tax Collectors, Senior Management, and Director level leaders of the organization. Attendees discover how to lead change under pressure, build effective teams, and develop talent throughout the organization.

Honorable Warren was asked to develop a track for middle and new management/ supervisors.  The Supervisor Academy (SA) was introduced at the 2013 Fall Education Forum.  The curriculum for the Supervisor Academy is tailored for mid-level and front-line management staff. ELA alumni continued to register for ELA classes after they were CEL certified as they wanted the continued leadership training. Honorable Warren offered the inaugural Masters Leadership Program (MLP) at the 2019 Fall Education Forum.

Janice’s passion for leadership training and the development of these programs has touched many tax collectors and staff since its’ inception.  Over 700 tax collector/ staff members have attended the 3 programs and almost 250 have a professional designation from the programs. Several tax collector staff members attended the programs and have gone on to be elected tax collectors in their respective counties.

Janice’s dream that began with just a few in the Tax Collector Education Committee years ago has become a reality and has had a valuable impact on tax collector organizations and colleagues.

The Janice Warren Leadership Academy declaration made by Honorable Bruce Vickers’, Osceola County Tax Collector:

“Janice, your dedication, passion, and commitment have made a profound impact on the Florida Tax Collector Association and beyond. Through your strong leadership and exceptional teamwork, you have fostered a collaborative environment that encourages growth, fosters open communication, and empowers others to achieve their full potential.

“Your guidance and mentorship have been invaluable in shaping the next generation of professionals in our organization. In recognition of your extraordinary contributions and in deep appreciation for the profound impact you’ve had on us all, we hereby dedicate this leadership program to you. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause as we introduce the ‘Janice Warren Leadership Academy’. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence and your enduring legacy of leadership.”