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Birth Certificates

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Florida Certified Birth Certificates

Certified copies of birth certificates, from all counties within the State of Florida can now be obtained through our offices. The application for Birth Certificate must be completed by an eligible recipient, such as the: Registrant (must be 18 or older), or Parent (must be listed on the birth certificate record). Valid Identification must be presented at the time of application. The primary acceptable form of identification includes: a valid, current, not expired Driver’s License or State Issued Identification Card, or Passport.

The following information will be required to obtain a birth certificate:

  • Child’s Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • County of Birth
  • Mother’s Full Name (including maiden name)
  • Father’s Full Name (if applicable)

The fee to obtain a birth certificate through our office is $21.25 for the first copy, $10.00 for additional copies of the same birth certificate. Acceptable forms of payment: cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card.

Applications are available in office or you can print form, complete and have it ready:

Florida Health Application for Florida Birth Record (English)

To obtain a Florida Birth Certificate that requires additional documentation, please contact:

Bureau of Vital Statistics

3700 West Sovereign Path
Lecanto, FL 34461


To obtain birth certificates for those born prior to 1930 please contact:

Bureau of Vital Statistics
Attn: Client Services
P.O. Box 210
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042
(904) 359-6900

To obtain and use a Florida vital record under false or fraudulent purposes is a third-degree felony, punishable by the terms and conditions set forth in Florida Statutes.