Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation

Campaign: Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation

We are collecting donations during the month of October for Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation.

The Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation was founded in 2013 to provide quality-of-life services and financial support to local Citrus County cancer patients undergoing treatment. The Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation goes beyond other existing community, regional, and national resources to help those in need.

Types of Services the Foundation provides:

  • Referral to existing programs locally, regionally and nationally for assistance.
  • Assistance regarding transportation to and from cancer treatments.
  • Assistance with obtaining medication necessary for quality of life during cancer treatments.
  • Assistance with screening studies for the under-served.
  • Emotional support for cancer patients and their loved ones via social workers and support groups.
  • Financial support of local patient support groups.

Please help local cancer patients by donating to the Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation.