Abandoned Funds

The following is a list of Dates of Check Issuance, Payee information, and Check Numbers of Abandoned Funds held by the Citrus County Tax Collector’s Office. These checks were issued for a variety of reasons, including over payments of taxes, licenses, and fees, certificates of correction, and redemption of tax certificates. If you feel that one or more of these checks are yours, please email your full name, check number(s), and your contact information to AbandonedFunds@citrustc.us or contact Janice Waldemar at 352-341-6774. Proof of claim will be required before new checks will be issued. The Citrus County Tax Collector turns abandoned funds over to the State of Florida after the required dormancy period. You may also wish to check the state web site for abandoned funds. Their address is www.fltreasurehunt.org.

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