Re-Entry Passes



A re-entry pass will be used when an area in the county has been evacuated for any reason. When the area is declared safe for re-entry, law enforcement will look for these passes. The re-entry pass not only speeds up the re-entry process, but also will deter looters and other people from entering the area. The following information will help you locate the proper office for issuance of a re-entry pass.

Currently there are three types of re-entry passes:

  1. Residence re-entry pass is available at:
    • Citrus County Sheriff’s Office in Inverness and all sub-stations
    • Department of Development Services in Lecanto
      3600 W. Sovereign Path
      Lecanto, FL 34461
    • Inverness Tax Collector’s Office – Courthouse Annex
      210 N. Apopka Ave Ste. 100
      Inverness, FL
    • West Citrus Center
      1540 N. Meadowcrest Blvd.
      Crystal River, FL
  2. Business re-entry pass
    Contact the local Chamber of Commerce for a business re-entry pass
  • Inverness @ 352-726-2801                                   Fax: 352-637-6498
  • Crystal River @ 352-795-3149                             Fax: 352-795-1912
  • Medical Care Re-Entry Pass
    Contact CCSO Emergency Management @ 352-249-2700.




Emergency Tips
ü  Having your evacuation re-entry pass will expedite operations by letting you back into your neighborhood.ü  Have a valid ID.  Security operations will include checkpoints.  Valid identification with your current local address will be needed.

ü  Avoid driving.  Roads may have debris that could damage your vehicle.

ü  Be patient.  Access to affected areas will be controlled.  You will be able to return to your home once search and rescue operations have deemed it safe.

ü  Stay tuned to your local radio station for advice and instructions about emergency medical aid, food, and other forms of assistance.

ü  Don’t sight see – especially at night!