Lapse of Insurance

Florida’s no-fault insurance law requires vehicle owners to carry at least $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 Property Damage Liability (PDL). All licensed insurance companies electronically report to the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle (DHSMV) when policies providing PIP coverage are cancelled or issued.

If your insurance company notifies DHSMV that you cancelled a policy and no other active policy is reported by another insurance company, DHSMV will send a letter notifying you that insurance information is needed. This letter is sent to the address that you have provided to DHSMV. It is important to make sure this address is current in order to receive important notices.

Your policy may be cancelled because you failed to pay the insurance premium and the insurance company cancelled the policy or because you changed insurance companies. If this occurs, you must prove you have PIP/PDL insurance for every vehicle you have registered in Florida. There is a reinstatement fee of $6.25 if you provide insurance information that is in effect before the suspension date.  If you do not have proof of insurance before the suspension date, you must pay a reinstatement fee of $156.25 for the first offense, $256.25 for the second offense within three years and $506.25 for all subsequent offenses.

The suspension will affect the driver license, tag, and registration of the suspended person.

If you no longer own the vehicle, please visit our office to surrender the Florida tags and registration immediately upon cancelling the Florida insurance.