Valid Out-of-State

Applicants obtaining an original Florida driver license and are currently licensed in another state will need to provide their current out of state driver license and pass a vision and hearing test.

Documentation Needed:

In accordance with the Federal REAL ID Act, proof of citizenship, name change (if applicable), social security number, and residency will be required to obtain a Florida driver license.  Please select documents pertaining to you from each of these categories:

**No photocopies accepted**

Primary Identification 
Gather one (original or certified copy) of the following:

·         Valid, unexpired U.S. passport

·         Certified Copy of your U.S. or territories birth certificate (Hospital Birth Certificates cannot be accepted. NOTE: birth certificates issued by Puerto Rico must have an issue date of July 2010 or later.)

·         Consular Report of Birth Abroad

·         Certificate of Naturalization/Citizenship issued by DHS

·         Permanent Resident Card/I-551


·         Name change Documentation—if you have changed your name by marriage or court order, you must submit the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate or court order.  No photocopies will be accepted unless certified by the issuing authority.  For multiple name changes, you must show a document trail linking your current name to your chosen proof of identity—Must be government issued.

· Note: If you have just changed your name, you must please visit the Social Security office first prior to coming into one of our locations.

Proof of Social Security Number Must show the FULL social security Number
Gather one of the following original documents: 

· Social Security card – The name assigned to the social security number must match the name that will appear on the Florida Driver license or identification card.  Please update your records with Social Security Administration before you apply for your license or identification card

· W-2 (Cannot accept handwritten W-2s)

· Pay check stub (Must have complete SSN)

· Any 1099 (Cannot accept handwritten 1099s)

· Medicare Card (Must have your social security #)

Two Different Proofs of Residential Address
Gather TWO of the following: 

·         Deed,  Monthly mortgage statement, Residential rental/lease agreement

·         Utility hook-up ,work order, or bill

·         Florida Vehicle/Boat Registration or Title

·         A statement from a parent, step-parent or legal guardian of an applicant.  The parent or guardian must reside at same residence address, accompany the applicant and present “2 Proofs of Residence”

·         Current homeowner’s or automobile insurance policy, bill or payment booklet

·         Educational institution transcript forms for the current school year

·         Voter ID card

·         A letter from a homeless shelter, transitional service provider, or  half-way house verifying that the customer resides at the shelter address

·         Mail from financial institutions; including checking, savings, or investment account statements

·         Mail from Federal, State, County or City government agencies

·         Transients—Sexual Offender/ Predator/ Career Offender:  FDLE Registration form completed by local sheriff’s department

Veterans – veteran designation can be added to a driver license if the veteran is honorably discharged. It is an additional $1.00 fee and we will need to see your DD-214 or other acceptable document. Please see Veteran’s Designation for a list of acceptable documents.