New Vessel Title

To register a new vessel, never before titled, you must bring the following:

  • A Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) properly completed and signed by the seller.
  • A copy of the executed bill of sale or dealer’s invoice listing the vessel purchase price, sales tax paid and any trade-in allowance. Additional taxes equivalent to Florida’s sales tax and local sales tax may be due.
  • The purchaser’s name on the title application must match the name on the proof of identification exactly.
  • If recording a lien, the lien holder’s name, address and the date of lien are needed.
  • All purchaser(s) or their power of attorney(s) must be present to sign a new application for title. We will need an original or certified Power of Attorney. The owner(s) and/or their power of attorney(s) will need to produce photo identification such as a driver license, identification card, or passport.

There are three options available for requesting your title.

  • Title mailed to you in 7-10 business days for $8.25.
  • Keep the title held electronic, not printed until you need it.
  • Print the title in office for an additional $2.50, if title is needed immediately.

If a lien is recorded add an additional fee of $1.00. This does not include the registration fees.

All title transfers may be processed by mail as well. Please contact our office (352) 341-6500 for more information.