Print Title

Electronically maintaining the title to your vehicle eliminates the risk of losing it and having to pay title fees to obtain a duplicate. It is also an effective fraud deterrent because potential thieves will not have access to your title.

If a title is held electronically (no paper title printed) and there is no lien or the lien has been satisfied, the owner may request the title to be printed by visiting our Inverness Courthouse Annex or Crystal River branch office.

The owner or his/her Power of Attorney (POA) will need to provide photo identification in order to have the title printed. If a POA is requesting the title to be printed on behalf of the owner, we will need to see the original POA form also.

We can either print the title while you wait (Fast Title) for $10.00 or we can have the title printed and mailed from Tallahassee for $2.50.

**If you are selling your vehicle and the title is held electronically, the title will need to be printed.