Non-Resident Military Registration

Under the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Relief Act of 1940, members of the United States Armed Forces while stationed in our state in compliance with military or naval orders are not required to register their motor vehicles in our state. The service member may display their current license plate from their home state or they may choose to register their vehicle in Florida. If the service member chooses to register their vehicle in Florida, the law allows an exemption from the registration taxes on vehicles. Members are not required to title their vehicle in Florida; it is optional.

Application Requirements:

  • Provide the military orders assigning the applicant to a Florida military duty station
  • Copy of the current out-of-state registration
  • Proof of Florida insurance
  • The VIN (vehicle identification number) and odometer reading must be verified. The Tax Collector’s staff can do the verification (weather permitting) at the time of title application. If the vehicle will not be available to take to the Tax Collector’s Office, you can get state form 82042 and have the vehicle inspected by a law enforcement officer, military police, a Florida notary, DMV inspector, or a Florida licensed car dealer. The form is available in the Tax Collector’s Office, or online. An out of state car dealer must complete the VIN verification on dealer letterhead, not on the 82042.