Recently Purchased Property

No matter when you purchase your property, as the owner, you are responsible for paying the entire bill which is mailed in November. For instance, if you buy your home in June, you will be mailed a tax bill which will reflect taxes for the entire year. However, taxes are usually pro-rated on the closing statement and the seller gives credit for the time during the year that you were not the owner.  You should verify your closing statement to ensure you received the proper credit.  However, this credit is a transaction between the buyer and the seller. No money is actually paid to the Tax Collector as a partial payment of that year’s taxes.

If you purchased a property after the Property Appraiser has prepared the tax roll for certification, the recording of the deed will be “too late” to be included in the November mailing.  If you haven’t received a bill by November 15th, you should contact our office at   (352)341-6500, or e-mail the address below, to request a duplicate bill.  By Florida law, the discount periods cannot be extended even though a taxpayer may not have received their bill.

If you receive a tax bill and you have only purchased a portion of the property, contact the tax collector’s office to obtain a cut out of the property.