Ad Valorem Taxes

The real estate tax bill is a combined notice of ad valorem taxes and non-ad valorem assessments. The tangible tax bill is exclusively an ad valorem tax.
Ad valorem taxes are based on the value of the property. Examples of ad valorem taxes are school, county and city taxes.

Taxing authorities are responsible for setting ad valorem millage rates. A millage rate is the rate of tax per thousand dollars of taxable value. To determine the ad valorem tax, multiply the taxable value by the millage rate and divide by 1,000. For instance, $100,000 in taxable value with a millage rate of 5.0000 would generate $500 in taxes.

Ad valorem taxes are paid in arrears (at the end of the year) and are based on the calendar year from January 1 – December 31.
The following are the phone numbers for the current taxing authorities:
Citrus County Board of County Commissioners 527-5207
Citrus County Hospital Board 344-6584
Citrus County School Board 726-1931
Southwest Florida Water Management District 796-7211
Homosassa Special Water District 628-3740
Mosquito Control District 527-7478
City of Crystal River 795-6994
City of Inverness 726-5016